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Our three Primary focal points:

Human Talent- leverages research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and implement critical programs from business driven innovation and talent, leadership, and create a atmosphere of utmost productivity.

Strategy and operations- works with senior executives to help them solve their toughest and most complex problems by bringing an approach to executable strategy that combines deep grasp and understanding, rigorous analysis, and insight to enable confident action and strategic implementation.

Technology and Intellectual Property- delivers solutions that help drive innovation, improve ROI, and streamline business licensing operations. Our practical, innovative solutions are linked to measurable goals to help our clients achieve competitive advantage in their respective industries.

No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.  Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures can be one of the most challenging and often the most critical undertakings on which an organization embarks. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) require experienced management, skilled employees, and an enormous amount of work. FSG professionals enhance their capabilities and readiness.  FSG serves as a platform to build connections, showcase thought leadership, and accelerate experience and learning for those involved.  Furthermore, FSG helps clients build M&A capabilities and skills with a structured procedures to alleviate the regulations involved. 

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Self-driving Cars an $87 Billion Opportunity in 2030, Though None Reach Full Autonomy.

92% of autonomous vehicles will have only simple driver-assist features like adaptive cruise control; software developers will benefit most, Lux Research says.  Carmakers and technology developers building self-driving cars will create an $87 billion opportunity in 2030, with software emerging as the biggest winner, even though a fully autonomous driverless car will remain elusive, according to Lux Research.

“Today the autonomous vehicle value chain is already starting to take root, and it involves many players new to the industry,” said Cosmin Laslau, Lux Research Analyst and the lead author of the report titled, “Set Autopilot for Profits: Capitalizing on the $87 Billion Self-driving Car Opportunity.”

Lux Research analysts evaluated the technologies that shape the self-driving car. Among their findings:

China will overtake U.S. and Europe. The opportunity in autonomous vehicles will initially be led by the United States and Europe, but China will grow rapidly to claim a 35% share of the 120 million cars sold in 2030, accounting for revenues of $24 billion, against $21 billion for the U.S. market and $20 billion for Europe.

Software will be competitive differentiator. The software opportunity in autonomous cars will grow rapidly from $0.5 billion today to $10 billion in 2020 and $25 billion in 2030, offering software powerhouses such as Google and IBM a lucrative opportunity. For automakers, varying software will be a key competitive differentiator as well as a crucial safety tool.

About Lux Research

Lux Research provides strategic advice and ongoing intelligence for emerging technologies. Leaders in business, finance and government rely on us to help them make informed strategic decisions. Through our unique research approach focused on primary research and our extensive global network, we deliver insight, connections and competitive advantage to our clients. See more at:

Nano Hydroceutical Solutions, Inc. will aim to exceed customer expectations as far as product effectiveness by using our proprietary formulations that Dr. Guess has perfected over the last 10 years. Helping people get well, be well and stay well is our primary goal.

There is still no cure for the common cold, which can be caused by any of more than 200 viruses, yet Americans are spending $4.2 billion on nonprescription cough and cold remedies annually*.

Nano Hydroceutical Solutions, Inc. (NHS) introduced its flagship product Cold & Flu Relief™ in 2008.  Demand continues to grow and sales are projected to grow to $14.5 million dollars in the first twelve to 24 month.

The Vital Qi Solution:
Over 500 million colds happen every year and Americans spend a whopping $17 billion dollars a year* tying to treat them. Cold & Flu Relief by Vital Qi provides a homeopathic solution to all your common cold and flu needs for the whole family.
 The formula is designed to fight off the bacteria or virus and boost the immune system.
 Cost-effective and safe.  A family of four can use the same 2oz. bottle retailing for less than $25.
 No harmful side effects often found in other over the counter medications.

*Source: Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

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